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Feb 18, 2013 9:45am EST
hamilton's history of womanizing. for example, bill clinton was not the first, and bill clinton was not the worse when it comes to misbehavior in high office. there's a long, long history of it. and eliot spitzer, arnold schwarzenegger, david petraeus, these guys had nothing on alexander hamilton. and what we find is if you read, for example, letters by martha washington during those winter camps, she was tough. she was like a soldier. she didn't complain about the weather, the harsh conditions, but she did complain about one thing. there was a tomcat one winter that was misbehaving with all the lady can cats, and it was noisy, noisy, noisy, and it kept her awake at night, so she nicknamed the tomcat alexander hamilton. [laughter] i also did a book a few years ago called life in the white house, and it was about the presidents at ease. what did they eat? what hobbies did they have of? what are their fears and hopes? or what are they like as fathers and husbands? how did their kids turn out? as another way of assessing presidential character providing us with another lens. for ex
Feb 18, 2013 9:45pm EST
the president and others. another chapter discusses hamilton's history of womanizing. bill clinton was not the first and he's not the worst. john edwards, these guys, they have nothing on alexander hamilton. we'll be fine, he said. she didn't complain about one thing. [inaudible] i did read a book called life in the white house, and it was about the president at ease. what are their fears and hopes and what are they like as fathers and husbands. another way of providing us a glimpse into presidential character. he sometimes wore a black suit to do this. the affairs of state, i have tried to take a different perspective. we all know about george washington. we study washington with brilliant and delaware on christmas night during the revolution. we find that the teenage washington, on more than one occasion, basically goes back home in fear because he puts pen to paper and he writes. he once wrote a poem in yet another girl turned him down. we all understand and know that our country's leaders have been shaped by the hand of a woman, often the mother, and i'm here to tell you that s
Feb 16, 2013 10:15am EST
with the internet. when bill clinton and i went into the white house in 1993, there were 50 sites on the worldwide web. now there's a trillion of them. look at what happened to newspaper all over the world. dallas part of -- that's part of the breakdown of the old pattern, but now we have facebook, twitter, and it keeps going. i spent time in silicon valley, and there's 20 # new companies out there that reached a ball dollar evaluation just in the last year and a half. our world is changing dramatically, some of the old is breaking down, and fading away and dispating, but the new patterns are quite complex and challenging and they bring a lot of changes. these six drivers of global change are all emergent changes. they have been building up for awhile, and now they are all kind of happening statement. let's take them one by one. number one, chapter one. earth inc, a new interconnected, global economy that operates as if it is a single entity. we've been seeing the outsourcing of jobs, and we've been seeing the connection of the supply side, and now we have virtual factories with supply lines runni
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3